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Does my business need to use Social Media Marketing?!

Updated: May 10, 2022

Over the last 15 years the use of social media has grown at a rapid pace and it hasn’t yet reached its pinnacle. From Facebook’s humble beginnings as a social network for university students it has rocketed into a market leading, complex source of news and information.

It’s influential, powerful and it’s not going anywhere.

Today, as people in every community are adjusting and adapting new social distancing guidelines, social media is an invaluable marketing tool in getting your brand seen wherever your potential customers might be. With most users logging into their accounts at least once a day, putting your brand online via social media platforms gives you to the opportunity to connect with an online audience each time they log in. social media marketing good for your business?

In a word, yes. But we thought you might want a bit more, so here’s 8 reasons how social media can elevate your business to the next level.

1. It boosts your online audience

It’s basically a megaphone… Social media platforms are the best place for you to further your reach to potential customers because you can connect with them whenever and wherever they log in. Just make sure that you’re using this metaphorical megaphone to blast information that is in keeping with your brand. When social posts are relevant and engaging, as people start interacting with them, your content will be exposed to new audiences.

2. It leads to an increase sales

Because that’s what marketing is really for… Having a well planned and executed online marketing strategy will generate conversation about your business and products. Whatever you’re selling, social media can help you sell it. So your social platforms are vital in the part you play in bringing customers one step closer to purchase.

3. It creates opportunity for word of mouth marketing for your business

Remember seeing something so cool that you needed to tell your friends about it? Or how good that restaurant was, that you posted about in on your feed? Well that’s what we call word of mouth marketing. It’s a very natural organic method of passing on information that’s shared by customers. And they can tell them about it all by just one click of a button...

4. It's the new way of keeping your customers informed

New products, new services, a change to your opening hours or you're adding a new and exciting department to your business. If you’re excited about it your customers will be too. Get it online and share the good news.

5. Learn more about your customers

A business is nothing without its customers, so to hold onto those loyal ones (and attract more) you want to find out who your top shoppers are and what to do to increase them. Traditional customer research can be costly, but utilising free social tools provides you with information on how your audiences engages with your products.

6. Easily gather consumer feedback

Picking up feedback on social media is relatively quick and simple and depending on what methods you use to do this it can be exciting and engaging for your customers too. Sharing great consumer feedback through social media builds trust with your audience.

7. It’s a way of boosting website traffic

Social media posts and sponsored ads are fundamental in driving organic traffic to your website. The best method to drive visitors to your website is by sharing interesting content from your website or blog to your social media platforms.

8. Reporting and analytics

Tracking and analytics tools provide you with an insight into your social media successes and more importantly, your social media failures, so that you know what to work on to advance your engagement and sales conversions. If you can see what’s working well, then keep doing it. It’s a reliable method to create content that your fans will want to read and share.

With so much for your business to gain from getting social online, its time to invest in your online visibility and offer your present and potential customers a refreshing way to reach you...and that's where we come in.

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