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6 Tips for Content Optimisation for Every Social Media Platform

Whether it's to show off your services or advertise on social media for social media

shopping, promoting, and advertising on these platforms can be simple. But how effective

are your articles and campaigns? The challenge with social media marketing is that, while it

seems brilliant and engaging, your audience might find it boring. 

We know at Shire Marketing from working with lots of local businesses, that creating

content can be overwhelming, so we have decided to put together six quick and easy

techniques to produce great content for every social media channel.

Tip 1. Get those Followers, Following 

Businesses can appear corporate and rigid to their followers, which portrays your brand as a

thing rather than a real person. Posting some content shows your customers the real people

behind your product or service. Here are some tactics to give your audience a glimpse of

your brand: 

- Live demonstration of a product or service 

- How-to tutorials - for example, if your business sells cosmetics, show people how to

use it correctly! 

- Workplace Tour 

Tip 2. Humour & Emotion

Whether it's a funny meme or an inspiring video that touches your heart, evoking emotion

humanises a brand. This is especially important in 2023. Consumers are looking for brands

that stand up to social issues and show they care about important values. 

Businesses that connect with their followers on a deeper level, even if it's a silly GIF or

meme, are more likely to comment, like and share repeatedly.

Tip 3. Create Interactive Social Content

The more likes, shares, and comments your posts get, the more favourable it looks to your

followers. Creating content that's shareable invites users to engage and interact improves

rankings and fosters brand loyalty. 

- Company Q&A’s

- Live interviews

- Follower polls and quizzes

- Promotions 

- Photo captioning contests

Tip 4. Create Short Videos

We know consumers love to see mixed media within content, but video is proving popular.

Businesses who use video in their ad campaigns receive 66% more quality leads per year

than marketers who don't. Not only are short videos more likely to be consumed during

social media scanning, they also take less time and don't need to be professionally created

and published. 

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch and TikTok all have live video options. Among other

things, Instagram has a wide variety of video formats. Using short videos is a great way to

engage followers and monitor video-related metrics. After the live portion of the video

ends, you can continue to watch it so that users linked to your profile don't miss it.

Tip 5. Read & Reply/Respond to Social Comments

It sounds like a simple strategy, but responding to customers in the comments is known to

be a winning strategy. Social media is now used as a customer feedback tool, it is an

important way to communicate with potential customers and solve their problems. 

 It also looks good to other customers when they see your business interacting with

comments, it increases the likelihood that you'll receive comments of your own.

Tip 6. Ask for Social Media Connections & Followers

It sounds easy because it is! Businesses don't have to work hard to make connections—you

can ask for them. Social media users are so called because they are sociable. They

communicate regularly and never miss an opportunity to help their favourite brand. Ask for

tags, likes and posts when posting your regular content. 

Consider this a friendly call to action. Just instead of asking your TikTok followers to request

a free quote, ask them to tag a friend or share if they liked what they saw.

If you have found this blog helpful, we would love to hear from you - here at Shire

Marketing we specialise in helping businesses grow using social media strategies. We have

helped local businesses all over the Cotswolds and if you want to know more about what we

can do for you, get in touch at

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