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A little more about us....

Updated: May 10, 2022

Hi everyone! We think it’s time to give you a bit more of an insight into Shire Marketing Specialists – and the values on which we have built our business.

Let’s start at the beginning...

We sat down over a cuppa to chat about exactly what we wanted "Shire Marketing Specialists" to mean. We wanted to lay the foundations on which we can build a successful digital marketing business, and to do that we needed to dig beneath the surface to find our core values. A few hours and many custard creams later we had written down 3 simple but absolutely crucial things that Shire Marketing Specialists stands for. Our values.

· To provide high quality digital marketing services for independent businesses at a fair price.

· To go above and beyond what is expected of us and deliver results that make a difference to our clients.

· To ensure we always treat our customers more as friends than clients.

I think these things sum us up pretty well. We want to help your business to grow. We want to take the stress away from your day by giving you one less thing to worry about. We want to provide a service for local businesses working with all types of budget.


There are a lot of digital marketing agencies out there, plenty of them to choose from – each with their off-the-wall crazy name, pool tables in their offices and huge overheads from their snazzy premises. We aren’t really like them.

We are a bit different.

You see, we like to make it more about you than us. We really get to know the businesses we work with, priding ourselves on understanding and dissecting the brands of our clients, learning the ethos of each different company and formulating a strategy that will drive the results you want.

We want you to look at us as an extension of your marketing team – knowing you can pick up the phone and have a digital marketing specialist ready to answer your question. Or, if you just want to go for a drink to chat about next month’s product launch and how we can support it – we’re there (our round!).

Every one of our clients is truly important to us, and is treated as such. You will never be made to feel like you're just another customer floating around in a CRM system.


Shire Marketing Specialists have the experience, knowledge and determination to drive your business forward and push your online presence to the next level. We are social media wizards, knowing which hashtags to use, when to post to hit your target audience and choosing precisely the content which will get the best engagement. We can help you position your brand correctly in the crazy digital world, make sure your web pages are SEO friendly and even build you a shiny new website.

Just as important as our ability to grow your online presence is that our services save you a lot of time and effort on something which you may put off to the last minute and feels like a bit of a drag at the end of a long day. Shire Marketing Specialists are here, quite simply, to grow your digital presence while you focus on running your business.

Just leave it to us – we love it.

If you think we can help, or just have a question, drop us a line at or via the social channels and we’ll have a chat!

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